Norway Day 1: Little planes & Loen…

2016-05-31 19.13.29
Looking out over Lovatnet, Loen

Early morning, 30th May 2016… I find myself at Oslo Gardermoen airport wandering around bleary-eyed in search of coffee and the departure board. Having spent the previous afternoon/evening in transit to Norway and the night in an airport hotel, I considered this the real day one of my trip. Satisfying a need for a cup of Joe is never difficult in Norway – they consume more of the stuff per head than anywhere else save for their Scandinavian cousins in Finland. And it’s good! The departure board bore glad tidings of a flight on time so I headed to the gate to await my passage to Ørsta–Volda…

Whilst flying is not my favourite pastime, the 45 minute journey onboard a 38 seater aircraft really was breathtaking. If the weather gods grant you clear skies then the opportunity to see Norway’s vast mountain ranges and deep fjords from above really whets the appetite for a road trip.

If you dream of the wide open road with just you and hardly anyone else on it, I suggest you road trip in Norway… Ok, Norway’s roads are not always wide, but the expanse of panaoramic vista makes EVERYTHING seem widescreen. Just don’t rely on SatNav/Google Maps/Insert-Other-Mapping-App-here timings. What they estimate as a one hour journey will take you longer. Trust me on this… You are going to want to pull the car over at regular points to pick your jaw up off the road. Norway hides a gorgeous vista around pretty much every turn!

I checked in to my cabin accomodation at Sande Camping on the shores of Lovatnet just outside Loen. This would be my base for two nights and a more peaceful place I couldn’t have chosen. There are walks in abundance close to the lake and in to the surrounding mountains. I decided to make my way along the shore of Lovatnet and up to the Kjenndalsbreen glacier before taking a walk in Lodalen. This is a wonderful place to hike with lots of well marked trails and spectacular views like these:

Many people visit this part of Norway to see one of the arms of the Jostedalsbreen Glacier. Briksdalsbreen in nearby Olden is renowned for being one of the most accesible arms of the glacier and many overlook Kjenndalsbreen, which is equally beautiful but without the crowds. In fact I encountered just two other people on my hike and we shared our surprise and joy at having this beautiful landscape to ourselves.

After dinner out front on the deck gazing across Lovatnet to the mountains I can say for sure that I went to bed with a smile on my face that night. With the sound of waterfalls and birdsong in my ears and the smell of wild flowers tickling my nostrils, I closed the curtains on the first day of my Norwegian road trip and slept soundly…


2 thoughts on “Norway Day 1: Little planes & Loen…

  1. EVERYTHING seems widescreen….love this…the photos prove it. Great piece and beautifully written.


  2. Thanks Mary for your kind comments. Norway must be seen, breathed and lived to be believed!


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